Tips and Tricks for First-Time Horse Owner

Horse ownership is a huge undertaking that if ill-prepared can drain the owner both mentally and financially. This is most practical to first-time horse owners who only have a general idea of what owning a horse is supposed to be like. Owning a horse is fun, but it comes at certain costs and measures.

Below are some few tips and should follow through when owning a horse for the first time:

1. Take horse riding lessons. It is vital that you find a reputable barn with a good instructor who will help you in taking proper horse riding lessons. Also, make sure to learn some few horse ownership skills such as horse grooming and tack up. Learn on the appropriate way to feed and clean a horses shed or barn.

2. Make contact with a boarding barn and veterinarian. It is crucial you make a few rounds around several barns and stables on your checklist to ensure your horse has a good stable or field to rest in upon purchase. Further, make prior arrangements with a veterinarian who will provide proper health care and routine medical check-ups to your newly awaited horse.

3. Take an experienced person with you when purchasing a horse. The prospects of owning a horse might seem exciting and all glorious to a first-time horse owner. It’s good to acknowledge this kind of excitement that comes with instincts but don’t let your guard down and be duped into buying a not so good horse. This is where the expertise of the other person comes in. Maybe he is a rider, or a barn owner listens to his opinion when buying a horse. And make sure to visit several barns before making your pick.

4. Enquire on the horse history. Before deciding on which horse to buy, first, enquire on the horse’s history its parentage and health record, Don’t expect the owner to be completely honest about the horse with you and always make sure to ask the owner to ride the horse first before you climb on it.

5. Make sure to buy the right equipment for your horse. Some of the basic equipment you should not miss, include a saddle, saddle pad and a couple of lead ropes. Grooming equipment to take care of the horse consists of a curry comb, mane comb, stiff brush, hoof pick and a soft brush. Some first aid equipment as well should never miss this include the likes of a vet wrap, thermometer, scissors, healing ointment, and some towels.

6. Learn to become well accustomed to horses. Once you own your first horse strive to know all that you can and gather about horses. Visit horse expos and shows. Make friends with your barn partners and staff to keep learning more about horses and how you can tend to the graceful beast.

Conclusion. In summary, owning a horse is pretty fun and exciting. However several factors have to be taken into consideration before choosing what type of horse to buy. Be sure to take horse riding lessons and buy proper equipment required. Also get accustomed to horses and make inquiries on your horse-to-be medical and parentage history. Learn how to practice meditation for beginners in our next article.